Thursday, May 07, 2009

They called me crazy, S and P 900-1000 (Part Two)

When I wrote Stocks Don't Fight the Tape the S and P 500 was around 768. I predicted a rally into the 900-1000 area.

I followed that up with They called me crazy, S and P 900-1000

What next?

S and P 500 Chart 507
  • The stock market is currently overbought.
  • The technical correction in the current bear market is two months old.
  • A major retracement to the downside is likely, and is imminent.
  • We could see additional upside to the 940 area versus the S and P 500.
  • A test of the 840 area is likely.
  • Once the correction gets underway we should get a better understanding of the structure of the market. Begining of long term bull, or bear market still in tact?
  • The important 200 day average is still about 100 points above the market and the down ward slope of that average is becoming more severe. This is not a good sign.
The bottom line. The risks out weigh the rewards at this level.

This has been a tremendous rally that I expected. However, in terms of price and duration it fits the requirements for a correction in a market that is still trending down.

In addition, the longer dated treasury interest rates are turning up. This is a negative. The dollar looks very vulnerable right now. Another negative. The combination of rising rates in the long end and a dropping dollar does not bode well for stocks.
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