Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stocks the Nervous Norvis Market (Chart and View)

There are a lot of Nervous Norvises out there.

When the market moves down for a couple of days your typical Nervous Norvis bull gets sweaty palms and heart palpitations. A couple of days down and the bears are pounding their chest. The only thing the bears can think about is bad news. Left to wonder of course, why is the market going up with all this bad news--the world is coming to an end.

Stocks the Nervous Norvis Market

The Stock market is in a classic uptrend from the capitulation low.

At the moment:
  • The market continues to make higher lows. The most important ingredient of a trend.
  • The market found support on a dip three times. This indicates there are buyers below the market. This is necessary to raise confidence.
  • Bears continue to try and sell the market. The big difference they are running for cover at the first sign of strength.
  • The slope of the green line (midpoint, support) continues to point up and is strengthening.
  • The blue line is picking up momentum and as long as this continues it will help propel the market higher,
  • The market is once again approaching the red line (two standard deviations up) and this should be watched. Short term traders should resist the urge to buy the market when it is at, near, or above the red line. This is where nervous norvises really get killed.
  • There is still substantial resistance from 850-875. This is where the market will likely wear out bulls who lack patience. They will get out and will likely start chasing it right into the top and before the next major test of the downside.
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