Thursday, April 02, 2009

S & P 500 Trend Up, Shorts Vunerable

June S and P Future, Chart

JUNE SP 4021

  • The market held the down thrust below 790. The reversal indicates the uptrend is intact.
  • Yesterday's outside, up day, with a close at the high indicated that a test of the resistance in the 830 area was likely.
  • The ability of the market to hold above the green line is important and impressive.
  • Short term support is at 770 and rising.
  • Near term resistance is in the 830 area. Overhead resistance is at 857 and rising.
  • Trades and or a close above 832 will test the will of the shorts.
  • The market continues to trade up against bad news. Shorts continue to pile into the market believing that the market should be going down against this evidence.
  • All I can say to shorts is---Don't Fight the Tape.
  • Technical evidence continues to indicate higher prices.

They called me crazy, S and P 900-1000

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