Friday, January 02, 2009

On New Years Eve, Brent Wilsey told CNBC that which stock is in the "30% Club"?

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Question: On New Years Eve, Brent Wilsey told CNBC that which stock is in the "30% Club"?

Answer: Cisco Systems

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The 30% Club: Three Stocks With Promising Returns

Brent Wilsey has a simple guideline for the new year: He thinks investors should put their money into companies whose returns will improve at least 30 percent in 2009. Easier said than done, you say?

The president of Wilsey Asset Mangement is putting his mouth where his money is, and he says now is the time to move.

"I'd be afraid of missing it, in waiting too long," he told CNBC.


He starts with Cisco Systems .

"Their sales have climbed one percent year-over-year, and debt's in check, very strong fundamentals," he said. "Estimates have come down, but you're still paying a lower price for those earnings."

He also likes NYSE Euronext .

"Keep in mind, the 52-week high in this stock was $88.62," he said. "If it climbs just halfway back to that level, you'll get over an 83 percent return on your investment."

Also on his list is the infrastructure play, Fluor .

"They do heavy construction, build roads, bridges," he explained. "This is a company with low debt; I think they'll benefit from the new administration."


Disclosure information for Brent Wilsey was not immediately available.

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