Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Thursday, January 15

Squawk Box
Question: CNBC Europe's Silvia Wadhwa has written for which German business news organization?
Answer: Handelsblatt

Squawk on the Street
Question: Which alleged "hedge fund swindler" was "barred from contact" with his girlfriend on Wednesday?
Answer: Samuel Israel

The Call
Question: After Wednesday's news about Steve Jobs, Fast Money trader Jeff Macke said what would make Apple a "trading buy"?
Answer: "Down $10"

Power Lunch
Question: In Allen Wastler's blog post, "Time to Start a Fugitive Watch?", which infamous 1970s criminal does he refer to?
Answer: "D.B. Cooper"

Street Signs
Question: On our Web site's Currencies page, which pair appears first (upper left-hand corner)?
Answer: Euro/US Dollar

Closing Bell
Question: How much did Canada's EDC agree to provide in short-term financing to help Nortel emerge from bankruptcy?
Answer: up to C$30 million
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