Monday, December 15, 2008

CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Answers for Monday, December 15

CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Monday, December 15

Squawk Box
In the Two-Way Street blog post, "Trump Magic: Why I Like The Donald", why does the author like the Donald?
Answer: Trump's name drives Web traffic

Squawk on the Street
In Friday's edition of Stop Trading, what gambling metaphor did Jim Cramer use for GM common stock?
Answer: buying a lottery ticket

The Call
In a Sports Biz blog post, what term does reader Simeon Lipman use for Billy Ripken "obscenity bat card" traders?
Answer: all of the above

Power Lunch
In his Friday CNBC Stock Blog post, Jon Najarian said options traders were bearish on which financial firm?
Answer: State Street

Street Signs
In our Top Destinations 2009 slideshow, which once-divided city is shown in picture Number 10?
Answer: Berlin, Germany

Closing Bell
In the article "They're Back: Day Traders Thrive in Volatile Market" what violent image did Andrew Wilkinson use?
Answer: scalp the market

Weekly Question
A sell stop is placed?
Answer: Below the stock price

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