Monday, June 30, 2008

Final CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Monday, June 30, 2008

Squawk Box
In his blog, Darren Rovell paid tribute to the late George Carlin. Which of Rovell’s terms refers to options trades? Answer: long straddle

Squawk on the Street
According to the blog post, “Air Products: Cutting Edge of Alt Energy?”, how does Jim Cramer describe the U.S.? Answer: Saudi Arabia of coal

The Call
In the video “Go Short” how does Options University strategist Ron Ianieri define a “speculator”? Answer: “everyone in the market”

Power Lunch
According to the CNBC Stock Blog “Powering Your Portfolio: Uranium” what is uranium miner Cameco’s other business? Answer: mining gold

Street Signs
In Fast Money’s Web Extra video “Najarian’s Sweet Trade” which home builder rated the opinion, “I’d stay away”? Answer: Lennar

Closing Bell
Which U.S. airline announced on Monday June 23 that it plans to lay off 950 pilots? Answer: UAL

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