Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Final CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Tuesday, June24, 2008

Squawk Box
Cramer Flashback: On May 27, the Mad Money guru called SPX the ultimate New Tech stock. What does it leverage? Answer: all of the above

Squawk on the Street
In her Monday blog post on foreclosures, what did Carmen Wong Ulrich say “matters most”?
Answer: home expense/salary ratio

The Call
In the CNBC.com feature, “The Future of Oil: What the Experts Are Saying,” who is Peter Beutel paired with? Answer: Addison Armstrong

Power Lunch
According to CNBC.com’s video report “Foreclosure Tour Hits Manhattan” how many Q1 residential foreclosures were there? Answer: 23

Street Signs
In Diana Olick’s post, “Harvard and Housing: A Silver Lining?” Eric Belsky cited a “significant amount” of this Answer: immigration

Closing Bell
In the CNBC Stock Blog, "Brokerage Stocks: Go Long," what did Ryan Lentell call "probably the best set-up firm"? Answer: Goldman Sachs