Saturday, June 21, 2008

Comfy New Commuter Bikes for Getting Around Town

When I read this article I had four immediate thoughts. How do we make money from this trend? Twenty years from now are we going to look like China looked about 20 years ago? How is this going to effect oil prices? And, I wonder how many pounds American's are going to lose in the next ten years?

File this under food for thought.
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If $4-a-gallon gas has you looking for relief, consider: A concerted effort is underway to attract casual bike riders into the fold. The lure is a range of new commuting bikes that promise to make everyday travel by bicycle as comfortable and fashionable as it is cheap.
Meantime, a bill that will allow employers to offer financial incentives to bicycle commuters is winding its way through the House and Senate.
Photo Gallery: Bikes
The Trek Lime, for example, one of a series of coasting bikes designed for especially easy riding, has an automatic shifting system powered by a generator on the front hub, as well as old-fashioned pedal brakes designed to make the riding experience carefree. It runs slightly under $600.
The Breezer Villager, which features a light aluminum frame and a seven-speed shifting system, was recently named best commuting bike of 2008 by Bicycling Magazine.
Beginners and older riders might like Electra Bicycle Co.'s Townie
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