Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16 Final CNBC Daily Bonus Bucks Trivia Questions and Answers

Squawk Box Question #1

Boone Pickens is building a huge wind farm with General Electric turbines. How much is the initial order with GE worth? Answer: about $2 Billion

Squawk on the Street Question #2
The geothermal industry is molten! But there are only 2 pure plays trading on U.S. exchanges. Name one. Answer: Ormat Technologies

The Call Question #3

The CNBC Stock Blog featured "Israeli gems" -- picks by Merrill Lynch's Haim Israel. What was his telecom pick? Answer: Cellcom

Power Lunch Question #4
Donald Trump told CNBC he sold his Palm Beach house for $100 million. What literary reference did he make? Answer: Tale of two cities

Street Signs Question #5

Erin Burnett is in South Asia, seeking global market movers. How big is India's economy? Answer: $1.2 trillion

Closing Bell Question #6

In “Bill Miller’s Broken Legg,” what company did Jim Cramer call “an American comeback story”? Answer: ArvinMeritor

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