Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Solar king and the Stalin of windpower

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Hermann Scheer has been described both as the "solar king" and the "Stalin of windpower"
"Our dependence on fossil fuels amounts to global pyromania,
"And the only fire extinguisher we have at our disposal is renewable energy".
Scheer, chair of the World Council for Renewable Energy
what has become known as "Scheer's law", German households and businesses that generate renewable energy can sell it back to the grid at more than triple the normal market price.
"The key to it working is that consumers have guaranteed access to the grid at guaranteed prices,"
More than 300,000 individuals and small businesses have jumped at the opportunity in Germany, and the number is rising all the time. Scheer's family, whose house is powered by a windmill, is among them.
Scheer's law has created whole new industries - wind power, which employs 80,000 people in Germany, and photovoltaic (solar) power, which employs 40,000
"You give people energy independence and you get social commitment
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